Welcome to Kiwi Mama of 3.

A blog written by a New Zealand mum of 3 living in France.

I tell it how I see it; the good, the bad & the downright ugly!

Some days I get it right…others…well, I yell a lot! There are a million ways to mum, we’re all doing our best.

I am a 40 year old mum discovering colour in my wardrobe for the first time and a love for renovating French vintage furniture!

Follow my ’30 days of no black’ journey, my latest DIY furniture project or what I’m up to on the daily living in France with 3 kids on Instagram @kiwimamaof3.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate every reader and I know you’ll find something interesting to dive into here amongst all my adventures!

Below you’ll find my top posts as you all see it, so grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy!

My Mid-Life Fashion Crisis!

Old & Tired to Shabby & Chic…in 7 Easy Steps

St Tropez Sun & Medieval Fun

Sporting Prodigy or Pushy Parents?

A Real Mum’s Guide to Exercise

How 3 Kids is not Easier than 2!

What My Life in France is Really Like

I Tested Positive at the Beijing Olympics!

My Top Ten Mama Sanity Savers

 Til next time…
Kiwi Mama of 3 | BLOG


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