Welcome to Kiwi Mama of 3 

A blog written by a New Zealand Mum living in France. I tell it how I see it; the good, the bad & the downright ugly!

Some days I get it right…others…well, I yell a lot! There are a million ways to mum, we’re all doing our best.

I love yoga, running, blogging and reading while dabbling in French vintage furniture DIY, 40+ Mum Style and managing 3 kids.

I always wanted kids and I am totally thankful for them but I have days where I wonder what has happened to me and days where I realise there is no angry way to say ‘stop farting!’ – so I have to laugh!

I’ve just turned 40 and so I am facing the battle of the middle-age-spread. I work hard to keep it away but I love my food and wine and I have bad days and worse days and then really great days too.

I’ll try to motivate you, make you laugh & maybe make you think! I’ll share my kids and overshare my life in France.

I hope it’s funny sometimes and I hope you say to yourself ‘This could be me’.

Arohanui, Jaimee oxo

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

About me:

I am a double Olympian with almost 150 international test caps in field hockey for New Zealand. Currently, I live in France with my husband and 3 kids; we have lived in 4 different countries in 5 years!

I’ve ridden a bull (yes, you read that correctly) raced a Formula Challenge race car and skydived over Fiji (magnificent!).

I am an author, blogger and memory maker!

Johnny is my husband and not only is he a stand up chap, my best friend and an all round nice guy, he is also the greatest Dad to our 3 kids. He works in Professional Rugby which is why we move a lot.  I found out I was pregnant with Mackai, our first child, a week before I competed in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 eeeek (read that blog post here).
Kiwi mama of 3 | BLOG
In action: NZ vs Japan
He was born in NZ in 2009 and Carlos followed in 2011. Not too long after we left NZ & moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2012.  Then onto Swansea, Wales in 2014 where we welcomed Miss Lily in 2016.  Finally (for now) in 2017 we moved to France and we’ve been here for a year (no, we didn’t speak any French when we arrived).
Kiwi Mama of 3 | BLOG
The whole family in 2017, 3 weeks before we moved from Wales to France
So grab a cuppa, and take some time for yourself.